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Bergamot is the oil produced from the rind of bitter orange. Essence of Bergamot has been used since the sixteenth century

The essential oil: The oil is extracted by squeezing the peel or grating the rind. The oil is emerald in colour, with a subtle, spicy lemon scent. The principle constituents are linalyl acetate (upto 50%), bergamotine, bergaptene and linalool.

Properties: Antiseptic, Digestive, Sedative, Regenerating

Directions: Stress, anxiety, insomnia, irritability, depression,Acne, eczema, psoriasis, seborrhea (skin and greasy hair), depigmentation (vitiligo), Colic and intestinal infections, constipation, difficult digestion, colitis, dyspepsia (digestive problems),Difficulty falling asleep in children

External Use : For Stress : Gently Massage 3 drops (diluted) in the solar plexus, neck and spine.
Massage abdomen for intestinal problems.

Beauty:Use in facial sauna (5 drops in a bowl of hot water), to refresh the skin.
Vitiligo Treatment: 3ml Bergamot EO, 1 ml Clove EO, 1ml Tea Tree EO, 3 ml Lemon EO
Apply 2 times daily 2 drops of the above mixture on depigmentation mark until improvement.
CAUTION: Do not expose to sunlight after applying!

Atmospheric Diffusion:Stress, Nervousness: 2 drops Bergamot EO,1 drop Orange EO, 1 drop Palmarosa EO , 1 drop Lavender EO

Oil is very photo-sensitive:
Do not expose to sunlight (all day) after application. Avoid use during pregnancy, and do not use in young children

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Some oils are prohibited to pregnant women and children. Keep away from flame.