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Cardamom - (Elattaria cardamomum) back

Cardamom is a tall herbaceous perennial native to India. The tree produces the small seed pods hat are most commonly exported. Two popular varieties are Mysore and Malabar. Cardamom has been used in India as a spice and medicament. Ayurveda, the Hindu system of medicine mentions it under the name of "Ela".

The essential oil: The oil is obtained by steam distillation of aromatic seeds. The essence is liquid and colourless, with a tinge of yellowish green colour. The principal constituents are Cineol and Terpineol. There are very few fragrances to compare with that of Cardamom.

Properties: Expectorant, stomachic, carminative effective, Facilitates the elimination of gas, Anticatarrhale, powerful expectorant, Tonic and stimulant, aphrodisiac

Directions: Digestive System: gastrointestinal failure, dyspepsia, aerophagia, spastic colitis
Respiratory: bronchitis, catarrh.

External Use: Massage or local applications. On the chest and back for lung infections. On the stomach for digestive problems

Atmospheric Diffusion: To purify and clean the air. Fight against respiratory infections

Specialties: Use over short period.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Some oils are prohibited to pregnant women and children. Keep away from flame.