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Lemon - (Citrus Lemon) back

The lemon tree is a member of the citrus family, originated in South East Asia.

The essential oil: The oil is obtained from the daily rind of the fruit. The oil is pale yellow, some times even green, with a nice fresh smell. The principal constituents are Limonene (upto 90%) and citral.

Properties: Strengthening of natural immunity, Regulate metabolism.
Tonic for the Nervous System.
General antiseptic and bactericidal
digestive tonic, carminative, general cleansing
Vitamin P-like (acting on the microcirculation, decrease capillary permeability and increased resistance), blood thinner, Rejuvenate tissue

Directions: Weakness, fatigue, general state of fatigue, loss of concentration
infectious and contagious diseases (intestinal, lung, ...), prevention of epidemics
Fatigue digestive, liver and pancreatic
Obesity, slimming treatment, cellulite, lymphatic drainage
Premature aging: hypertension, atherosclerosis, capillary fragility, wrinkles
Skin Care: skin rashes, boils, warts, herpes, blackheads, herpes, seborrhea of the face, frostbite, freckles and brittle nails
Rosacea, phlebitis, haemorrhoids, venous stasis, heavy legs
Disinfection of Air

External Use:In localized applications for skin conditions, brittle nails and aging, skin.
In Massage mixed with other oils for slimming.
In Diffusion for disinfecting premises.
By inhalation, the essential oil of lemon fights effectively against various colds, diseases of the respiratory tract like bronchitis, influenza, rhinitis, colds, sinusitis and cough.

Synergies: Diffusion: Lemon + Geranium equally to diffuse and disinfect. Specialties: Oil is very photosensitizing. Do not expose to sunlight after applying this oil. Use diluted for sensitive skin. " Not recommended in the first three months of pregnancy.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Some oils are prohibited to pregnant women and children. Keep away from flame.