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Neem - (Azadirachta indica) back

Neem is a fast growing evergreen tree that can reach a heigh of 15-20 feet. The branches are wide spread. The fairly dense crown is roundish or oval. The Neem tree is noted for its drought resistance. Neem is a life giving tree in South India, especially for the dry coastal southern districts. It is one of the very few shade giving trees that thrive in the drought prone areas. In India, the tree is variously known as "Divine Tree", "Heal All", "Nature's Drugsore", "Village Pharmacy" and "Panacea fr all diseases"

The essential oil: Neem oil is cold pressed from the fruits and seeds using an expeller. Neem oil is generally light to drk brown, bitter and has a rather strong odour that is said to combine the odours of peanut and garlic. The main content of Neem oil is Azadirachtin.

Properties: powerful antibacterial
Insect repellent (preventive and curative)

Directions: In India, regarded as Universal remedy
Protection against mosquitoes and mites, fleas & lice
Protection of plants against insects and pests (caterpillars, beetle larvae, grasshoppers, spider mites, mealy bugs, lice, ...
Fight against parasites, bacteria and fungal skin
Veterinary use: hair care, elimination of parasites and fleas, flies away and midges

External Use:
Fight against mosquitoes: Apply Neem oil pure or mixed with another vegetable oil in a thin layer on the skin to form a protective film and repulsive
Protecting plants: Prepare a spray solution at 5 to 10% Neem oil in water and shake vigorously before use and then spray the plants (in preventive or curative).
Protection against dust mites: In a sprayer prepare a solution of 5% Neem oil in water and shake vigorously before use and spray affected areas. Make a test for the fabric.
Skincare (acne, parasites, fungal infections, skin infections): Local application diluted in carrier oil

Specialties: Strong smell, hand use diluted in Carrier oil.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Some oils are prohibited to pregnant women and children. Keep away from flame.