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Vetiver - (Vetiveria zizaniodes) back

Vetiver oil comes from the grass, cultivated in tropical climates. The grass is a close relative of other aromatic grasses such as lemongrass. In india it is known as Khus-Khus.

The essential oil: Roots from grass which are at least two years old are cut finely and distilled. The oil is very dark brown with a warm, peppery, spicy, woody, earthy smell. The principal constituents is an alcohol called vetiverol.

Properties: Glandular tonic, stimulates endocrine system
Stimulates Immune System
Tonic for circulatory & Lymphatic system.

Directions: - Poor blood circulation, phlebitis, edema, varicose veins
coronary heart disease, vasculitis
Immune Deficiency
Deficiencies hepato-pancreatic, hepatic congestion
Amenorrhea (absence of menstruation)
Relaxation, psychological rest.

External Use: Massage for stimulating blood circulation (diluted in a vegetable oil)
Massage to stimulate the immune system (diluted in a vegetable oil or other essential oil)
Diffusion with other essential oils
In perfumery

Synergies: Lymphatic Tonic: Cedar.
Tonic pancreatic: Basil, Peppermint

Specalties: Not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Some oils are prohibited to pregnant women and children. Keep away from flame.